Amorgen is a 5-piece cinematic metal band formed in the spring of 2010. Their songs are told by the bard Amorgen and tell a cohesive storyline. This means that in the lyrics you will hear references to locations and characters taken from an original storyline developed by the band. The music and lyrics paint a picture of the events that occur in the storyline, making the listening experience a cinematic one. From left to right, we are: Korijn van Golen (drums), Edward van 't Westende (vocals), Sal Lubbers (keys), Ghislain van der Stel (vocals, bass) & Chris Harmsen (guitar):


In 2011 the band released their first EP titled 'Awake the Iron'. Set in a world of strife, Amorgen wanders through the lands observing the many conflicts as well as the despair among the people, silently awaiting the time to bring an end to the chaos that plagues the realm:

Awake the Iron

Amorgen is currently writing their first full-length concept album. A few demo tracks of the new album have been released as a preview in 2013.

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